Introducing Sure Shim

Sure Shim produces and manufactures pigtail plug safety shims. Our products are designed to improve productivity of the drivers, keep cargo and trucks moving, and improve profitability to owners by keeping trucks rolling.

Sure Shim was invented and developed by a former fleet owner and OTR Driver/Marine Veteran and is Made in the USA!


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Sure Shim Benefits

Sure Shim Safety Shim


Protect Your Investment

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR TRUCK! Sure Shim prevents burnt receptacles helping to prevent truck fires. A very small investment can save you potentially thousands in fire damage.

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What Our Clients Say

  • You absolutely need at least a few of these anytime you’re in a truck

    "I'm a transport driver for Pepsi cola and have been for 32 years. For 31 1/2 of those years when the lights on the trailer would flicker or not work at all I would search for a broken piece of pallet or stick or screwdriver, whatever I could shove into the connection at the pigtail. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't.
    A few months ago another driver gave me a Sureshim. Since that day I  use the Sureshim almost every day! It's a great product and does a much better job than a broken piece of pallet.
    I've been using the same one that was given to me 6 or 7 months later.
    Today I brought 4 more! I should be set for the next few years!
    A huge Thanks to the folks that came up with this AWESOME product!!"
    -Kirk G. Brown Jr.

  • Every driver should keep these in their toolbox

    “Gone are the days of utilizing whatever you can find to jam in the plug. This product is easy to use and is a sure fit to ball types of pigtails. I have told so many people about this lifesaver, I have gotten several businesses to look into, and ordering this to keep in stock. I have given drivers my shims to solve their problems of lights not staying on! In fact, I just gave my only one away to help a driver yesterday! I always carry a can of electronic cleaner, and sureshims, and have never had to get back out of truck because of lights going out, this product works very well! I do mostly drop and hooks, so I never know the condition of the female pigtail plug, and sure shims has taken care of many situations where a connection was a problem! Every driver should keep these in their toolbox, they are definitely a must have!”

    – Kenny Dean Wheeler

  • Use shim faithfully

    “No wear, whatsoever, in my plug and/or receptacle…use shim faithfully.

  • Kept lights from flickering

    “Absolutely. Made it pass inspection without any trouble. Kept lights from flickering, which has been a problem for me in the past. Held plug in tightly on off-road jobs I can see these are going to make my plug and receptacle last a lot longer.“

  • Extremely Durable

    “Craig Davies gave me a couple Sure Shims to try out last summer. Not only do they do everything as advertised, they seem to be extremely durable. They come in a package of 2 and I’m still using the first one after 6 months of continous use in the harshest of conditions.”
    – James H.

  • I can honestly recommend this product

    "Craig Davies sent me a few Sure Shims so I could try.  I wasn’t sure what to think about the product as we’ve always seem to have loose or worn plugs when we pick up several trailers within a month, but I can honestly say after trying Sure Shim that problem has been solved;  no more flashing tail lights, no more directionals that work on occasion; it was a quick fix. I can honestly recommend this product”
    – Roy R.

  • I know my trailer pigtail is secure

    “Thanks to sure shim I now know that my trailer pigtail is secure. Can’t count how many time’s ice had issues with a loose plug and having to wedge something in there to hold it in and keep my lights working thanks sure shim”
    – Paul H.”

  • This product saved me time and money!

    “Today in Kentucky, another driver radioed that my brake lights had stopped working. Put the Sure Shim on and my brake lights started working again! Without a doubt this product saved me time and money today!!”
    – Greg B.

  • Your Shim is a perfect fit!

    “Thanks for inventing The Shim! I have two of them. One is tied to the pig tail. I use it all the time with our older trailers. Now I don’t have to put small sticks in to hold them in place. Your Shim is a perfect fit!”
    – Glen Bolding

  • Much Needed Product

    "Yes, I have. As a former driver, I would say this is an excellent, much needed product. Much obliged."
    -John Taratuta

  • Won’t Be Without Sure Shim Again!

    “Mr Davies came by gave us a few Sure Shims to try and my guys love them they are a excellent product, we will not be without them ever again!! Thank You Mr. Davies”
    – Jeff Clark, E.R. Lewis Transportation Inc.


Encourage your carriers to use Sure Shim to help insure safe delivery of your product.



Save costs, reduce loss, reduce down time, protect your assets, your drivers and the freight in tow.


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