There are all sorts of different truck driving jobs because it’s a popular career choice across the nation.  Some drivers love the job because they get to travel the nation, others because they are home every night.  Whatever your reason, driving can be very stressful and demanding and sometimes doesn’t leave much time for yourself.  However as with most stressful jobs the best way to unwind is to have a little “Me Time.”

Tips To Eliminate Stress

*Turn off the tube – Many people, including truck drivers, like to watch the news before they go to bed at night and first thing in the morning. Experts say this seemingly innocent habit is extremely toxic and stressful. It’s the negative crap the makes the front page and sets your head up to worry, most of which doesn’t affect you and you have no control over. says filtering negative news consistently alters your brain chemistry, which is never good news.

*Get Rid of Caffeine – This is a well-known ultra-bad habit of truck drivers and any sort of occupation that involves travel or working through the night or early mornings. Drinking coffee and energy drinks to try and wake up or stay awake with a long shift is extremely unhealthy. Soda and pain killers are also serious offenders. Read the labels and make sure you aren’t stressing out your system by overdosing on stimulants.

*Eat Healthy Every Couple Hours – If you don’t program yourself to eat every 3-4. hours you are enabling your blood sugar levels to spike and fall. With this your moods go whacky and your energy level rise and fall like a roller coaster. Not to mention the fact the spikes in your blood sugars can trigger diabetes.

Reduce your stress level, keep your thinking clear, and your energy levels steady, by making sure you eat a small snack or meal 5-6 times a day. This means if you’re on the road you should pack a lunch, or bring protein bars, or fruits and veggies to snack on.

With truck driving you are on the road a lot, which leaves little time for yourself. Truckers tend to work demanding hours so you don’t have very much time to get your normal life responsibilities done. Like ensuring you’re making your mortgage payment on time, remembering to send a birthday gift to your sister, or even just setting up your doctor and dentist appointment for when you are home.

Freeing up time is a challenge but certainly not impossible, according to Psychology Today. By hiring a personal service provider for every area you could use a little bit of help, you’re taking action to focus on what you love to do, eliminating things you may not be so good at, and decreasing the excess stress that surrounds you when you are wondering when these essentials are going to get done. When you delegate you know you can cross them off your list.

An excellent step in the right direction to improving your time management, decreasing stress, and giving you the time you deserve to do whatever you please.

3 Ways for Truckers to Reduce Stress

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