Top 5 Best Trucking Songs


It’s no secret that truck drivers spend a lot of time behind a windshield.  One of the things that will help to pass the time is listening to the radio.  With more options of what to listen to all the time what do you find yourself listening to while driving?  We put together our top 5 trucking songs.


  1. Eddie Rabbit “Driving My Life Away” After it’s debut in 1980 this trucker’s classic was used in the film, Roadies. This gave it great popularity and pushed it to number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  2. Alabama “Roll On 18 Wheeler” this song came out in 1984 and became Alabama’s 12th straight #1 single.
  3. Johnny Cash “I’ve Been Everywhere” Originally written in 1959 and Americanized in 1962 this song reached it’s peak popularity in 1996 when Johnny Cash rereleased it. Altough it has been remade in various versions and by many artists it was Cash who typically is credited.
  4. Jerry Reed “Eastbound and Down” Debuted in 1977 this trucking anthem held the #2 spot on the Country Music Charts where it held this place for 16 weeks straight.
  5. Willie Nelson “On The Road Again” Released by Willie Nelson in 1979 this song climbed the charts topping out at number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became one of Willie Nelson’s most recognizable songs.

What are you favorite trucking songs?  Are you still listening to the radio while you drive?  If not what do you do?

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