I am Craig Davies, the inventor of the Sure Shim Power Plug SAFETY Shim.
I am a driver of over 25 years, coming into OTR from the dirt world…
I’ve noticed on MANY OCCASION the need for a proper power plug shim that doesn’t fall out, encourage fire, or apply even more pressure to the prongs!

I currently drive for a company towing double pups, and we drop and hook often. Sometimes a few times a day…

I use my shims on both my tractor to lead trailer power plug AND on both dolly plugs as to assure good, solid connection for my lighting and abs lights..

Not only do my shims prohibit and minimize wear and tear on the prongs and internal wire connections, they also keep water and other corrosives to a minimum from getting into the connection/prongs.

I’ve had Hub Managers and Safety Managers come out to witness, while hooking, the positive of my shims….when lights won’t work due to a loose plug connection, I apply my shims and “Voila”….lights on and solid connections!!

When used all the time and every time, my shims are offering up to 3-5 times the normal life span of a plug and receptacle….which is huge; especially to larger fleets. Add up all related costs in replacing a plug and receptacle and times that by how many units one has in their fleet. Do the math….you’ll see it’s very substantial in cost savings to use Sure Shim Power Plug SAFETY Shims!!

Think about it…

Fewer tickets….lower safety ratings….fewer suits…fewer accidents and property damage….lower insurance premiums…..and much much more!
Put paper to shim a plug/receptacle you know has a loose ground….see if you don’t generate a fire..

It’s not the fix all end all of SAFETY, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
I recommend Sure Shim Power Plug SAFETY Shims to every trucking company, driver, owner operator out there. It’s very inexpensive insurance policy that pays itself off in a hurry!
Also….it’s VERY DANGEROUS to all for a driver to have to pull into the shoulder, get out, and walk back to his/her plug and receptacle!! Especially with no lights!!
I encourage you all to at least try my shims….you won’t be without them afterwards.

“Thank you”

Craig Davies
Inventor/Pres Sure Shim

Sure Shim Increases Life of Truck Plug and Receptacles

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