Reduce Truck Fire Risks


No doubt you have the 10-pound fire extinguish required by DOT and FMCSA aboard your truck at all times.  Now how well do you think that will protect you and your 80,000-pound truck from disaster if a fire should occur.  Chances are slim that your extinguisher will make the difference in any sort of fire situation.  The best way to stay safe from a fire is to prevent the fire from occurring in the first place.

Did you know that 28% of all highway vehicle fires were caused by insulation around wiring and another 22.3% is caused by electrical failure or malfunction (

Fire aboard your truck causes ripple effects as well.  A fire can at the least cause down time and in extreme cases destroy the truck and load or even cost the driver’s life.   If you were able to prevent electrical fires caused by worn or damaged plugs and recepticles for less than $20 would you.

Sure Shim pigtail safety shim is reducing trucking costs and down time by providing an affordable and safe shimming solution.  Simply order your shims online or pick them up in the nearest Pilot, Love’s, or Flying J truck stop and start feeling more sure about your shims.

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