3 Ways America Depends On Truckers


The trucking industry is vital to every Americans way of life.  Not only does the industry employ thousands of people each year they provide crucial connections between where resources are produced and where they are ultimately consumed.

  1. The trucking industry delivers the raw materials to numerous manufactures all over the country. These materials are used to build infrastructure such as bridges and roads all the way down to residential homes.  Materials are also taken in raw form to factories to be made into finished products (which then are shipped again to retailers).  Without the trucking industry, materials wouldn’t be able to be easily moved around the country for various projects or placed in stores for consumers to buy.
  2. Did you know that the trucking industry generates over $650 billion annually? This makes up for over 84% of the total revenue of the commercial transportation industry.  Because the trucking industry has such a huge influence their representatives are politically involved in major laws and regulations.  For example, The American Trucking Association (ATA) is a large organization that plays a vital role in all aspects of politics.
  3. The trucking industry plays a vital role in transportation safety as well. Many laws that are currently on the books have been created for or by the trucking industry.  These include laws such as laws that limit speed limits, driving without adequate rest, and even which roads are safe/open to travel for large vehicles.  In the future we hope to see additional laws that will add to the safety of drivers and other motorists on the road.  Such laws would be those governing safe shimming practices to ensure that the electrical lights are working properly and signals can alert those around to the intentions of the driver.  To learn more about safe shimming click here.

Trucking is vital to the American way of life.  So, next time you run into a trucker or if you know one personally thank them for everything from the roads we drive on to the tomatoes you picked up in the store.

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