In a trucking group I am in some one recently asked the question:

 “I have a few different style tractors in my fleet and on some of my soft side curtain trailers the top marker lights flash with the directional’s and four ways but only with some of the tractors.
I have some drivers saying it is OK to driver them like that and some saying it could be a DOT/FMCSA violation. I’ve done some research but cant find anything in writing saying that a trailers marker lights can’t flash with the directional or four ways… Any ideas or should I just get them rewired.” 

In situations like this the flashing of the lights, while the most obvious, is not the biggest part of the problem.  The three biggest issues here are really the expense, down time, and safety.

I am sure that money is set aside to handle repairs like these as they come up but how much of your bottom line are unnecessary repairs eating up?  Just like in any business in the trucking industry the numbers that really matter are the bottom line.  Take a look at how many electrical and plug related repairs did you have to make to your fleet last year?  Isn’t that kind of infuriating since there is a product on the market that can drastically reduce plug related electrical issues?  How much more could you add to your bottom line if your plugs were properly shimmed?

In the trucking industry time is money and pulling these trucks out to be rewired will mean that they are not on the road and they are not bringing in money.  While routine matinence is necessary how much time (and time=money) are you losing while a truck is off the road for repairs?  What would it mean if you could reduce the time that you have trucks of the road by being able to reduce the repairs needed?

Finally, the real biggest issue here is the issue of safety.  The lights on trucks and trailers are so closely monitored because they are crucial for the safety of the public and the safety of the driver.  Making sure that your lights are properly working isn’t just an item on a checklist to ensure you don’t get a violation.  It is a practice that ensures everyone can have optimal safety.  Just imagine eliminating light related violations and increasing the safety of your drivers and of your fleet.

Sure Shim is the answer to solving all the issues listed above.  For less than a fraction of a violation and pennies when compared to a repair Sure Shim protects your electrical plugs and increases the life of your equipment.  Sure Shim Product’s pigtail plug/receptacle safety shims are made of a proprietary blend of polypropylene with additives which protect from UV rays, corrosives, and extreme cold – 25 degrees below zero.

Our shims are a sleeve shim. It slides over the plug. When the plug is plugged into the receptacle it’s seated firmly without any movement.  The prongs won’t wear, and a solid connection can be expected.  Lights won’t flicker during travel. Lights stay on, and abs lights indicate properly (abs lights often come on with a poor plug connection). Drivers will be seen and protected.

The benefits of using our pigtail plug/receptacle safety shims are:

  1. SAVINGS-Our shims prevent prongs from wearing; which make the plugs/receptacles last much longer. Lower replacement, less down time, higher production.
  2. SAFETY RATING-Fewer tickets and incidents keep Safety Ratings lower. This equates to lower insurance premiums, more contracts, and more total revenues.
  3. LOWER LIABILITY-Lights stay on, fewer incidents. Being seen and safe equate to lower liability.
  4. 4.PROTECTION – Our shims protect the drivers, equipment, and freight in tow.

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Why Flashing Lights Are the Least of Your Truck and Trailer Issues

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